Artrageous Bio:

Artrageous is the culmination of almost 30 years of performance experience. It might even be called a happy accident.


Starting as street performers and life-sized theatrical puppeteers on the streets of Vancouver in the early 90’s, they quickly became the most re-booked musical act in the corporate and special events industry.


The years of performing together as a band imparted their unique ability to involve and connect with the audience. Ever the creative performers, they are always searching for ways to delight audiences. The 3 Painters; a fast paced, action painting and musical show was developed for corporate and celebrity type events that resolves in giant portraits dramatically revealed live on stage.


The happy accident occurred when they combined The 3 Painters with the live band and Artrageous sprang to life. It is a sensation that is hard to describe but at it’s a combination of all of of their entertainment endeavors, from their roots in puppetry and the music and live painting acts all on one stage! It is truly an “Interactive Art and Music Experience.”


And, if that doesn’t make you want to stand up and clap the Artrageous show can be customized and tailored to your event.  The hallmark of their performance is that it is personal for each of their clients!

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