Blane Rudd Band

Blane Rudd Band Bio:

Blane Rudd was brought up around music his entire life. His family sang and played an instrument. It didn’t take long for him to follow suit. His grandmother taught him his first chord on a guitar and from there it’s been nothing but a way of life for Blane.


Blane’s full length self titled album has sold countless copies locally and online. From the powerful riffs in “What Makes A Man”, to the spirited soulful melody about a true life encounter with love in “Song She Wrote” all the way to the desire to roll down the windows and blare the truck speakers on a dirt road to “Alabama Saturday Night”, the album is well-rounded in every aspect.


The Blane Rudd Band constantly packs nightclubs, festivals, fraternity houses and concert halls with his powerful live shows and the Blane Rudd Band has thousands of followers in the social media universe.


Blane Rudd Band Songlist:

Whiskey Bent
Ol’ Red
Rev’d Up
Crazy Town
Fishing In The Dark
Feel Like Makin’ Love
Alabama Saturday Night
Dirt Road Anthem
Long Haired Country Boy
Family Tradition
Yellow Ledbetter
Wal-Mart Parking Lot
My Kinda Woman
Two Of A Kind
Simple Man
Friends In Low Places
Change In My Pocket
Little Less Talk
3 AM
Dust On The Bottle
My Kinda Party
Fly Over States
Hick Town
Callin Baton Rouge
Take A Little Ride
Rumor Has It
Country Girl Shake It
Drunk On You
Love Your Love The Most
Barefoot Bluejean Night
F You
In Color
Party Crowd
Copperhead Road
Wagon Wheel
Simple Man
Tuesdays Gone
Folsom Prison
John Deere Green
Louisiana Saturday Night

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