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Boy Named Banjo Bio:

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, the original three of Boy Named Banjo consists of members Barton Davies, William Reames, and Willard Logan, all of whom share a love for songwriting, performing, and roots music. The three long-time friends and former high school classmates assembled in 2011 and have built a strong following in the Southeast through both their studio releases and live performances. Since the band’s first full-length release in May of 2012 “The Tanglewood Sessions,” Boy Named Banjo has added two members: Sam McCullough (drums) and Abe Scott (bass). Though staying true to its acoustic roots, the band’s sound has developed tremendously since the “Tanglewood” days, as Willard (greatly influenced by jam band guitarists Trey Anastasio & Jimmy Herring) has taken his electric guitar playing to the next level, while Sam and Abe have provided a solid, yet subtle, Rock foundation. While the band’s sound has evolved tremendously, the quality of the songwriting, the hair raising three-part harmonies, the crafty musicianship, and the band’s passion for what they do will always be a constant.


Boy Named Banjo, described by Sonicbids as, “Tennessee’s Americana apostles,” is creating a lot of buzz in the southeastern music scene. The Nashville natives founded the group in 2011 and released their debut album, The Tanglewood Sessions, before graduating high school. Boy Named Banjo has since released its sophomore album, Long Story Short, performed at Bonnaroo, and received a nomination for “Best Local Band (Nashville,TN)” by The Tennesseean for the year 2015. Boy Named Banjo is currently touring behind its new EP – Lost on Main.


Boy Named Banjo Songlist:



Have It All

Long Story Short

You Are Who You Are

The Drinking Song


Good Feel

If It Takes Me To You

On the Riverside

The Light

State Lines

The Road Ahead

Letter to a Lonely Girl

Now I Know

Blue Hole Bridge

My Own

Just Like the Leaves

Bound for Leaving

No No No

Love Her All the Time

The Endurance

Winter Can’t Change

Sleepless Nights

When Hope Gets Lost

New Song to Me

A minor jam



Spanish Pipedream

Alabama High Test

Wagon Wheel

Tell it to Me

Crop Comes In

Sons Gonna Rise

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Sitting on top of the World

Laundry Room

Paranoia in Bb Major

Hey Good Looking


The Weight


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