Elaphunk Bio:

Damon Holditch, or better known as Elaphunk, has been immersed in the world of music since his birth on November 18, 1993. While growing up he was subjected to many different styles and genres of music including country, blues, classic rock, funk and 70’s disco. Due to this elaborate musical exposure, Elaphunk grew to have a healthy taste and appreciation for the classics that his parents raised him with and listened to, themselves. He has a deep appreciation for all music but it was the funk and disco jams of the late 60’s and 70’s that really stuck with him.

Elaphunk first started to explore his musical creativity at ten years old when he began to play the drums and any other percussive instruments he could get his hands on including the timpani, marimba and xylophone. He stuck with his love for percussion all through his teens and to present day.

Elaphunk found his love for elecronic music during his teenage years listening to french house DJs such as Daft Punk and Modjo and early techno such as Carl Cox. These early electronic influences would eventually fuel the fire that would set Elaphunk ablaze in his budding DJ career.

Elaphunk started mixing his freshman year of college for local house parties and bars around the college town of Tuscaloosa, AL. His ability to mix the funky sounds of the 70’s with the deep house vibes of today has set him apart from the mainstream sounds and given him a unique advantage over most DJs.

Today, Elaphunk has found success within his own university as well as on a national scale playing venues in Phoenix, AZ and around the southeastern United States. He has opened for acts such as Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia, Moon Taxi, Roscoe Dash, Travis Porter and John Mellencamp. He has also been the marquee act for sponsored events for ESPN and Red Bull. His love for music continues to grow with his fan base as he continues to chase his dreams and spread his funky love.

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