The Eliminator Band – ZZ Top Tribute Band

The Eliminator Band – ZZ Top Tribute Band Bio:

You won’t find any cheesy store bought Santa beards here!


The Eliminator Band is the original ZZ Top Tribute Band. The Eliminator band played their first show on December 4, 1992 and haven’t stopped since! They have appeared on famous Chicago Rock Radio Station WLUP. Television appearances include, WTTW’s ‘Wild Chicago”, WGN & WLS news and they were even on “The Jerry Springer Show”.   Over the last twenty years they have continued to hone their Tribute to ZZ Top.


With close attention to detail The Eliminator band faithfully reproduces the tone, taste and tenacity of “That Lil’ Ol Band From Texas”. The Eliminator band plays ALL the greatest ZZ Top hits from the radio classics “LaGrange” and “Tush” to their ground breaking music videos,”Sharp Dressed Man” and “Legs” which helped define MTV in the 80’s.


Twenty years of impersonating ZZ Top is unparalleled in the world of tribute artists. The only band that has been performing these songs longer than The Eliminator band is ZZ Top themselves! Come see for yourself how twenty years of playing together has made The Eliminator band the next best thing to seeing ZZ TOP!

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