Jive Mother Mary

Jive Mother Mary Bio:

The first time you see Jive Mother Mary live it’s like a musical breath of fresh air with a gust of excellent songwriting and skilled musicianship. Hailing from Burlington, NC, Mason Keck (guitar, vocals), Tyler Schulz (guitar, vocals), Seth Aldridge (drums, vocals) and William Sanders (bass, vocals) bring to the table qualities rarely found in today’s music: four guys playing instruments and singing harmonies. Firmly rooted in American music with a tinge of it’s British brethren, seeing the band in-person truly allows you to appreciate the intensity of their performance.


After two years of practicing every day in the house they shared and playing shows up and down the east coast, Jive Mother Mary headed back home in 2015 to begin work on their then-untitled fourth release. The resulting EP, Home Is Where The Heart Is, is a testament to their continued growth as songwriters with a unique voice and authenticity all their own. Jive Mother Mary is proving one show at a time that there is still life and new ground to cover in rock n’ roll.




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