Mr B & the Tribal Hoose

Mr B & the Tribal Hoose Bio:

Mr B began freestyling and recording mixtapes as a highschooler in Phoenix, AZ. He first came in to the public eye after viral YouTube video “Wendys Drive Thru Rap”. Soon after, he hit the road in support of acts like DMX and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It did not take long for Mr B to realize he wanted to perform with more than just himself, and that’s when the Tribal Hoose came along. With every member hailing from a different state, the group began as friends improvising live jams with Mr B as he freestyled at local house shows. They quickly realized they were on to something unique and captivating. Mr B & the Tribal Hoose has since grown and had the opportunity to perform at festivals with likes of Soulja Boy and Ying Yang Twins to name a few. Mr B & the Tribal Hoose will be releasing their debut album in the Spring of 2017, followed by a tour to promote their album and movement.

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