San Rafael Band

San Rafael Band Bio:

Originally from San Antonio, Rafael Vasquez grew up in the sun scorched Southwest, spending his youth driving across the back roads of Texas. “I remember sneaking into small cantinas and clubs, places where beer mixed with the smells of simmering rice and beans, just to hear music.”


During his youth, he learned from the local masters of Latin music by listening and teaching himself the guitar technique that many find amazing. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, the San Rafael Band continues to fuse Latin Jazz with the broader adult contemporary market, taking the reigns as a leading Latin artist in Music City. The San Rafael Band’s music is a unique combination of the fiery guitar lines of Santana, the classical technique of Andreas Segovia, and the soulful and gritty vocal sound reminiscent of Sting.


The San Rafael Band perform a compelling blend of jazz and blues and they have created a new and popular sound that combines the best of salsa, Latin jazz and rock.


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