TUB – The UnKnamed Band

TUB – The UnKnamed Band Bio:

TUB – The UnKnamed Band primarily focuses on the music of Phish, the Grateful Dead, and WSP, but is also known to flavor their sets with a nod to the Band, Steely Dan and other musically engaging artists. Like their influences, TUB blends elements of a wide variety of genres, including rock, jazz, progressive, psychedelic, funk, folk, bluegrass, reggae, country, blues, avant-garde, and classical.


At each TUB show, a choice selection of tunes is played with the same attitude as a jazz artist might approach a standard or a classical performer interprets a composition: the spirit of the original piece is channeled by the passion and interaction of the musicians. Every show is unique in terms of the songs performed, the order they appear in, and the unlimited direction of the improvisations. This belief in the power of live music and the interplay between the energy of the fans and the band make each TUB show an unforgettable experience.


True Phans and even casual listeners throughout the South are spreading the word: TUB shows are not to be missed!!!


TUB – The UnKnamed Band Songlist:

Grateful Dead


Touch of Grey

Sugar Magnolia

Casey Jones

Uncle John’s Band

Friend of the Devil

Franklin’s Tower

Box Of Rain

Fire On The Mountain




Divided Sky

FreeDown With Disease

First Tube



Time Turns Elastic

Brain and Robert

Harry Hood

David Bowie


Widespread Panic


Porch Song

Driving Song

Chilly Water

Black Out Blues

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