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Your choice of the music and entertainment is an important consideration when planning a wedding. Most weddings have two events that usually require music; the ceremony and the reception.


The Ceremony

Wedding ceremony music will enhance your cherished moments and help create beautiful memories. Choices range from soloists to duos, trios, quartets and more. If your wedding is being videoed, the music should be of the highest quality. A high quality musical performance will be remembered for years to come.  


The Reception

Whether it’s Motown, Soul, Rock, Country, Jazz or Hip Hop, having the right music at your reception is essential to setting the mood for an enjoyable time. One of the things your guests will remember most about the reception is the music and the fun they had. Wedding reception entertainment requires certain expertise and experience. Just as you choose specialists for other types of services, you should look for bands and djs with experience in pleasing a diverse audience. Keep in mind that the people attending your reception will usually span a wide range of ages and musical tastes. Variety is the key to involving all your guests in the celebration. The best bands and djs know how to skillfully mix the music, so that none of your guests feel left out. The best wedding reception entertainers are capable of handling any announcements or introductions during the reception and they know how to develop a rapport that will encourage you and your guests to join in on the fun.  


How early should you book?

Generally, about 8-12 months prior to your date. This varies based on the time of year, day of the week and the popularity of the act. If you are planning a Saturday in the spring, summer or fall, 8 months might be too late. If you are planning a Friday night wedding or even a Saturday in an off month (January and February) then 6-8 months out is fine.  


Go with the pros.

A reputable entertainment agency can save you lots of time searching for the right act. Dance bands, orchestras, jazz combos, soloists, string quartets, brass ensembles…finding just the right entertainment can be overwhelming. Whether you want a band, dj or specialty act, a well established entertainment agency can help make the process easy for you. Their resources, experience and advice are there to help you make the right choice.  


When you’re ready, book it!

If there is an act you really want at your reception, don’t wait to book them. The popular bands and djs get booked several months in advance. Once you’ve made your decision, do everything you can to reserve the act as quickly as possible. Nothing will disappoint you more than going through the whole process, setting your heart on a group and then waiting a week to call and finding out they got booked. It happens…but don’t let it happen to you. Once you’ve decided, call or email to reserve the date. And then, don’t second guess yourself. If you followed these guidelines, you can rest easy thinking about the great time you, your family and friends will have on your big day!  



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